Give Thanks To Our Protesting Students

Opinion Piece by Menzi Solomon Shange

Give Thanks To Our Protesting Students
Give Thanks To Our Protesting Students - Image - GroundUp

Black students of South Africa, look at this photo carefully, focus on it, let your eyes adjust, let the warm glow of the ANC’s promises in the 2014 election embrace you. Do you have warm fuzziness yet?

Give Thanks To Our Protesting Students - Image - Menzi Solomon Shange
Give Thanks To Our Protesting Students – Image – Menzi Solomon Shange

It felt so good didn’t it, as you voted for our liberating party on your voting ballot? The ANC had your back; they were going to ensure a free education!

Moreover, here we are today…

First, we can’t thank our protesting students in SA enough for using the #feesmustfall movement to expose the truth! What truth you might ask? The truth about the source of all the frustration felt by millions of people in our country.

Our inept ANC Government made promises they did not want to keep. Those reading carefully will see that I said ‘did not want’ – which means they willfully avoided keeping this commitment. It appears to be due to lack of prioritization, lack of planning, lack of leadership, lack of funding due to extreme unfettered pilfering. Do the reasons matter? They lied to you while frivolously spending millions of Rands. Sickening!.

Therefore, we have unveiled the arch nemesis of free education in South Africa – the ANC, our own government.
Nevertheless, as our eyes adjust and focus on the old election sign that spread so many false hopes, thus will the eyes of our struggling students soon refocus on the root drive of their dashed hopes.

Clearly, the ANC have now helped give our youth the real clarity they need to make informed decisions, a decision that can be made without a higher education.

The students will soon realize that picking at the old tired tentacles of a long begotten colonialist era is a farce, and that the real truth resides in the three letters salient in the eleven letter word ‘colonialist’ that they mouth so readily as if it were planted there during hypnosis.

These letters are A, N, and C.

Do you have clarity now?

In the way, my son is a living part of me; the #feesmustfall is a living part of the #ancmustfall movement.

Mark my words, the student uprising is about to hit South African mainstream society like never seen before, an uprising borne of dashed hopes, and the emerging realization of the dangerous game the ANC have played with black lives.

Be afraid ANC, Be Very Afraid.

By Menzi Solomon Shange