Ghoema’s betrayal of the Afrikaans Music Industry

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Right to freedom of speech: Afrikaans artists take a stand
Right to freedom of speech: Afrikaans artists take a stand.

ToekomsVonk was shocked to hear about MultiChoice’s demand that the Afrikaans song ‘Die Land’ be taken off the nomination list for the 2019 Ghoema Awards because of Steve Hofmeyr’s part therein. Even more shocking was the Ghoema’s decision to adhere to MultiChoice’s demand. Ghoema describes themselves as: “Die enigste onafhanklike musiektoekennings in Suid-Afrika” (The only independent music awards in South Africa), but then acts as a puppet of a third party.

As a civil rights organisation that fights for the survival of Afrikaans, it saddens us that with this action, the Ghoema’s has shown that not only are they NOT independent, but they have no intention of supporting and promoting Afrikaans artists in South Africa. Their actions are not only offensive to the artists who recorded the song ‘Die Land’, but also to artists that were nominated for the awards and the public that has been voting since 2018 for various artists and songs.

It is regrettable that one organisation, namely Multichoice, ruined one of the few awards that were still available for the Afrikaans music market.

ToekomsVonk wants to thank the following individuals and organisations that took a stand against this blatant bullying and discrimination by distancing them from the Ghoema awards. (If we missed anybody at time of publishing, it is unintentional)

Jay du Plessis

Bobby van Jaarsveld

Bok van Blerk

Dewald Wasserfall

Nicholis Louw

Adam Tas

Jan Thaap

Liane May

Arnold Coleske

Ricus Nel

Jak de Priester

Manie Jackson

Pierre Rossouw

Arno Jordaan

Neil Somers

Karlien van Jaarsveld

Overvaal Stereo

Bosveld Stereo


Pretoria FM

Front Nasionaal

Vryheidsfront Plus


and Immunadue that has withdrawn as a sponsor.

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