‘Get that child quiet or we cut her throat’: Robber

‘Get that child quiet or we cut her throat’: Robber

A family of Krugersdorp West was rudely awakened way into the early hours of the morning by robbers.
The family, who rather preferred to remain anonymous because they fear for their lives, told the news media how they became victims of another armed robbery in South Africa.

They believe that drugs in the area play a monumental role in the crime and that innocent people are being targeted mostly.

“We are not part of the “druggies”.

Two suspects broke in at their back door around 02:00 and woke them up screaming for their belongings.

“They told us that they want money, laptops, credit cards and cell phones.”

The suspects detained the man with a revolver.

The noise of the uproar woke up the family’s two-year-old daughter.

“Get that child quiet or we cut her throat,” warned one of the suspects.

After the suspects stole the family’s cell phones, money and laptops, they also took the family’s home and vehicle keys and threatened them with death.

“We will come back and kill you,” was their last words before fleeing on foot.

A case of armed robbery was filed at the police.

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