GES Africa Conservation Fund (GACF) Launches $500,000 Fund Raise to Support Anti-Poaching Helicopter Operations in South Africa

GES Africa Conservation Fund

GES Africa Conservation Fund (GACF) Launches 0,000 Fund Raise to Support Anti-Poaching Helicopter Operations in South Africa
Anti-Poaching MI2 Helicopter

The GES Africa Conservation Fund (GACF) today announced the launch of a $500,000 fund raise to support anti-poaching helicopter operations in South Africa.

GACF is sponsored by the GES Group, which operates the leading Wildlife Management operation in South Africa and protects the largest private Rhino population in the world with over 1,500 Rhinos under direct protection. GES has a social responsibility to give back to the African Continent and GACF reflect this support.

GACF is sponsoring a critically needed quick reaction Anti-Poaching Helicopter which will support all anti-poaching operations in the Private Nature Reserves around the Greater Kruger area, thereby integrating the anti-poaching efforts to eradicate poaching of Rhino, Elephant, Lion, and other endangered animals.

Privately funded anti-poaching outfits have inadequate quick response ability to respond to poaching incidents and individual reserves are unable to finance a high value asset such as a helicopter, not to mention the fact that they would also need to develop the in-house capability to use these tools effectively in anti-poaching operations.

The need is critical as the fight for the future of the Rhino will be had on the Private Nature Reserves. Over forty-five (45) percent of the remaining White Rhino are under the care of Private Nature Reserves and Breeders in South Africa.

It is also essential that poachers are apprehended and poached articles recovered even after animals have been killed. This would not bring back the animals, but the recovery of the contraband starves the criminal poaching cartels of funds; funds that are being used to grow their empires of crime.

With each horn or tusk that leaves the borders of South Africa the poaching rings becomes exponentially more powerful and better equipped, elevating the problem to the point where they will become unstoppable.

The GES Group will be providing substantial resources including:

Airborne Envelopment Response Operations. GES has access to probably the most experience pool of experts in Airborne Envelopment Response operations in the South Africa/Africa, in both Helicopter and Fixed Wing pilots, ground commanders and procedures and tactics (and other) and variety of Fixed wing aircraft.

Response Unit. The area is in desperate need for a rapid response unit (Heli borne) that can respond to poaching incidents.

Reserve Force. A very flexible reserve/standby force to deploy on properties that are hit by poaching and do not have man power or financial resources to permanently maintain a security force.

Field Intelligence Station. GES operates and maintains a full-time Control Room and Anti-Poaching Analyst support team in Hoedspruit, South Africa. GES maintains a proprietary poaching database and other Intelligence systems. GES Field Intelligence Data is captured and analyzed daily and GES works with local law enforcement on pre-emptive actions to mitigate poaching and criminal poaching syndicates.

GACF Fundraising Contact:

Jessica Sussens
Email:[email protected]

SOURCEGES Africa Conservation Fund