Woman thrown with acid in the face – Maraisburg hijacking

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Woman thrown with acid in the face – Maraisburg hijacking

A woman was left seriously injured yesterday afternoon after an alleged hijacking on The Triangle Road in Maraisburg, west of Johannesburg.

ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene and found the woman inside a nearby residence.

Paramedics assessed the woman and found that she had sustained chemical burn wounds to her face and chest and was in a serious condition.

The woman was treated for her injuries and provided with advanced life support interventions. Once treated, the woman was transported to Helen Joseph Hospital for further treatment.

The woman later told paramedics that she had been parked outside the residence when she was allegedly hijacked. The assailants then threw a chemical, believed to have been acid, into her face. A nearby resident had apparently noticed the woman and had offered her assistance.

Local authorities were on the scene to investigate this incident.

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