Whites chased from shopping mall by EFF thugs, Centurion

Opinion by Front National SA

On Sunday morning, 27 May 2018, a resident from Centurion sent a frantic warning to fellow residents in Centurion warning them about EFF thugs chasing white shoppers away from a shopping mall. Apparently white privilege is the reason why white people are not allowed to visit a shopping mall.

Here are a few questions:
Since when is it white privilege to buy food or other essentials?
Since when can the EFF decide where whites may or may not go?
Why do EFF thugs and their akin always hunt in packs like hyenas?
Clearly these thugs are low life cowards that target defenseless women and run in packs?
Why does it seem that the EFF is the de facto racist enforcers on behalf of the government?

What else are whites barred from:

White people are barred from job opportunities through oppressive legislation like BEE and BBBEE.
White people are barred from universities through restrictive quota enrollment programs.
Whites are barred from sport teams through enforced quota systems.
White people are barred from the right to life through targeted hate crimes.
White Farmers are barred from farming through targeted farm attacks.
White people are barred from owning land through land expropriation.
White people are barred from equal rights before the law through double standards.
Whites are barred from protection through songs like “one settler one bullet” or “kill the farmer, kill the boer” sung openly by political leaders.
Whites are barred from equal rights through 119 race based laws.

The oppression and increased discrimination towards white people are intensifying unabated. Even the greatest sceptic cannot ignore or deny this anymore. There is a deliberate and calculated drive to relegate white people to 2nd rate citizens in their own country.

We at Front Nasionaal say that it is time people realize that our only hope is Self determination. Forget about running after other multi-cultural parties that are nothing else but ANC parties in disguise. We need to take back our own destiny.

Vote Front Nasionaal where YOU determine your own future.

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