Water Restrictions for Johannesburg Gauteng

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Water Restrictions for Johannesburg Gauteng - Image - Intelligence Bureau SA

Water Alert for Gauteng!

Municipal service delivery is at its worst and hundreds of water leaks have been left for months and not been attended to and now water restrictions!

Rand Water will be reducing their supply to Johannesburg Water by 15% to comply with this restrictions

Johannesburg Water will throttle the system in the evenings from 08:00pm-04:00am in areas where there is high demand when residents are sleeping.

Throttling system means reducing the flow of water into the reservoir when residents are sleeping from 08:00-04:00

CityofJoburgZA is now introducing a water restriction tariff on domestic users effectively on water usage from September 2016.

Brief overview of the Level 2 Water restriction is as follows:

* Not to water or irrigate their gardens between 6am-6pm.
* Residents are compelled not to fill their swimming pools.
* Residents are compelled not to use hosepipes to wash their cars,paved areas.

Level 3 has not been implemented as yet in Gauteng.

An appeal to all to please use water responsible and sparingly.

To report non-compliance to these restrictions to 011 688 1699 or [email protected]

If residents do not comply with this water restrictions they will be fined and the fine will be added on their billing.

The above is as per Johannesburg water. Kindly save water. let’s adhere to the restrictions.

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