Violent farm attack summary Pretoria East

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Serial Attackers are ganging together and terrorising the farming community

It is encouraging to note that a long overdue status has been given to farm attacks, making such crimes against the farming community a ‘Priority Crime’.

Unfortunately a culture of violence and torture has been allowed to manifest itself amongst criminals over the past 20 years, which seems to continue with attacks against the Farming community despite the new status. An even more serious trend is showing itself for some time now, that of a farm attack gang carrying out repeated attacks.

A gang of serial farm attackers and killers.

This is hard to conceive, but individual Serial Attackers are ganging together and terrorising the farming community. The following incidents have happened in close proximity to each other, we believe by the same gang.

Farm Tweedracht: 3rd August 2014 – Ponty Thuynsma a white male of plot 42 approx 79 years old, was badly beaten, burnt with an clothing iron, poured petrol down his throat, threw a blanket over him and threatened to set him alight.

31st May 2016 – Mr Foley, a white male of plot 27 tied up, beaten, and robbed.

21st June 2016 – Mrs Du Toit 60 year old white female of plot 44, beaten up, threatened to cut her fingers off, burn her alive, drown her in the farm dam.

29th June 2016 – Mr Jan Hettema of plot 30 approx 80 years old, shot in the face and died on the scene.

All the attacks in all incidents were carried out by black males.

I hope the statistics above can assist our Police to hunt these criminals down.

One can only imagine when these Serial Killers sit around the table and plan their next hit, how they laugh with joy and brag how their past and future victims will be made to beg and plead for mercy, which gives these Killers a great sense of satisfaction.

Any sane person can see the pattern – A GANG OF SERIAL KILLERS EXIST!

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