Victim overpowered and tied up on Donkerhoek farm

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Victim overpowered and tied up on Donkerhoek farm
Victim overpowered and tied up on Donkerhoek farm - Image Credit Conserv Security

A farm situated in Donkerhoek, Pretoria East was attacked twice on two different days. The first incident occurred on March 12, where R42,000 worth of equipment was stolen and on the next day, the suspects returned, tied up the victim and plundered the farm once again.

Hekkie traveling on his scrambler searched the entire Monday afternoon and Tuesday for the two suspects, who were workers on the farm. While in the Lethabong Township, showing people photos of the two, somebody recognized them and pointed out where the two lived. While on his way to their shack, Hekkie saw two men dragging his stolen generator. He accelerated and when the suspects saw him, they disappeared into the nearby grass. Hekkie followed the slower bald man, who confessed that he was only helping the other man, a taller one carry the generator. By that time, women were screaming and yelling and Hekkie called for help. The police arrived and Hekkie got his generator back.

The police are investigating the incident.

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