Tshwane Mayor Msimanga says corruption charges have been laid

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Tshwane Mayor Msimanga says corruption charges have been laid
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The new Executive Mayor of Tshwane Solly Msimanga on Thursday said his administration had already reported to the police acts of corruption that have been uncovered in the past two weeks.

Msimanga, who took over as mayor on 19 August, said charges have been laid against officials implicated in “shady” dealings. At least three officials from the previous administration have been implicated in the alleged corruption.

He warned that corrupt officials who are no longer part of the present administration have not been exonerated.

Msimanga made his remarks during the launch of the 2016 Pioneers of Workplace Engagement (PoWE) survey at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in Sandton, which was attended by more than 100 business people.

He said the new Tshwane administration was trying to fast track outstanding matters so that it can change Tshwane’s dire financial state. The City plans to recover the money lost through corruption so that it can be channeled towards service delivery.

The mayor said the City needs money to ensure that the residents of Hammanskraal and Phomolong have clean water, electricity and title deeds and flushing toilets.

He pledged to value those who serve in his administration and establish a level of professionalism and pride.

Msimanga said the city was in “serious financial troubles”, however, he assured his audience that he will turn the city’s financials around.

He said his administration had introduced cost cutting initiatives that will result in millions of rand being channeled to proper service delivery.

“I’ve turned away vehicles,” said Msimanga, adding that the funds would be channeled to the newly introduced high risk and anti hijack units.

“A team has been sent to overseas to learn on narcotics, which we will use to combat the Nyaope fight.”

He said the City plans to turn the Wonderboom Airport into a “logistics airport”, which will create jobs and expand tourism.

“Our city is very rich in heritage, and we haven’t been marketing it very well. That’s one of the things we will engage in to grow the tourism industry,” Msimanga said.

He said the City will be the first South African metropolitan municipality to partake in PoWE survey.

The results of the PoWE survey, which aims to create a nationwide benchmark of how engaged people are in South African workplaces, will be released next year.

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