Spur’s lame apology unacceptable

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Spur’s lame apology unacceptable
Spur's lame apology unacceptable

After almost a month since the debacle at Spur in the Glen shopping complex, Johannesburg, the group called for apologies to the South African public on the supposed Freedom Day.

Spur has plunged itself into controversy after the banning of a white man from returning to the group’s restaurants, after he was protecting his child from the assault of a much older black child. When he asked the mother of the suspect to control her child, she made a racial incident, but Spur did not act against her. As a result, many whites started a boycott action against Spur.

There will now be a panel who will come up with recommendations on the incident and how it was handled, but there is no word of apology to the white man who is banned from all Spur restaurants.

It is felt that such a lame excuse is unacceptable because it means nothing and probably the audience who distanced themselves from Spur will not return.

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