Speedy response by security forces foils airport robbery

Speedy response by security forces foils airport robbery
Speedy response by security forces foils airport robbery.

A swift response on 1 July 2017 by the South African Police Service, Metro Police and airport security resulted in the foiling of an armed robbery at the cargo terminal of the OR Tambo International Airport.

At around 10:00 a group of approximately eight suspects, some of whom were wearing a security company reflector jacket entered the cargo terminal in two cars. Some suspects took control of the main gate while the others proceeded to a Swiss-port warehouse and stole a truck carrying cellphones.

Police were alerted through mechanisms which form part of the joint reactive strategies being employed to combat robberies at the airport.

The suspects fled in different directions. Two suspects fled on foot across the R21 highway. One suspect was shot dead in a shootout with a Gauteng K9 member and the second was arrested. Two firearms, including a pistol and a revolver were recovered from these suspects.

Another part of the group fled in the hijacked truck which was later abandoned on the R24 before the suspects fled on foot. Another fled in a sedan which they hijacked from one of the airport security personnel This vehicle was later recovered in Alexander but these suspects managed to get away.

In the meantime police will be continuing with vigorous discussions with the management of the warehouse security on the aspect of the protection of the security clothing and equipment. The easy accessibility or the lack of protection thereof is exacerbating the efforts by police to prevent these robberies from taking place. Inside involvement in this robbery cannot be ruled out at this stage and this too is what is possibly compounding the efforts of police to be effectively proactive.

This case is being investigated by the recently established multi-disciplinary team comprising of, among others, specialized investigators, Crime Intelligence and Forensic Experts. The two suspects, both the dead suspect as well as the arrested suspect and the recovered firearms will be profiled to determine if they were involved in other similar crimes. Police also found scanner devices that control the gate in the possession of the dead suspect and another in the recovered vehicle in Alexander.

The joint efforts by the security forces must be applauded and should also serve as a reminder to deter potential criminals on what they are likely to be confronted with should any attempts be made to commit such crimes at the airport.

Our strategies will be revised and improved on a continuous basis to stay a step ahead of these criminals.

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