Shocking behavior of Police during Battle of Bremer Street

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Shocking behavior of Police during Battle of Bremer Street
Sedition charges withdrawn against Bremer Street resident - Image - Die Vryburger

A white person was seriously injured and a woman was arrested for sedition, after the weekend clashes with residents and squatter camp dwellers at Bremer Street, Daspoort, west of Pretoria.

Residents protested against the occupation of squatter camp dwellers, after an initial decision by the city council to move some residents from Atteridgville to Bremer Street, on a small piece of land between an existing settlement and the street.

The public was not consulted during the process, and the decision was unilaterally made by the city council and forced upon the community.

When the residents of the area started asking questions, they were threatened and told that women and children will be raped and killed by squatters.

At one point there seemed to be confusion when a female DA councilor brought a letter stating that there is no permission for squatting, at the same time a black DA councilor representing the people said they could squat on the land between the settlement and the street.

After the confusion chaos erupted, between the illegal squatters and the community and lasted through the night.

Bystanders said the SAPS and Metro Police’s hostility toward the white community, was shocking.

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