Sedition charges withdrawn against Bremer Street resident

Sedition charges withdrawn against Bremer Street resident
Sedition charges withdrawn against Bremer Street resident - Image - Die Vryburger

The violence of Bremer Street, West of Pretoria leaves a bitter memory in the lives of those affected by the shocking police action. A young lady, who wishes to remain anonymous for the sake of retaliation, was arrested for sedition, illegal assembly, and incitement to violent. While there was no violence at the gathering, why the charge of incitement to violence was brought against her is unknown.

It was an emotional and upsetting time for the residents of Bremer Street when squatters moved in. There was no communication between the councilors and the residents causing a rift between the residents and the squatter camp dwellers. During the protest, National Conservative Party (NCP) spoke to Mandla Kgosi from the Democratic Alliance (DA) who gave assurance that the squatters would be removed within two weeks. Kgosi said the City of Tshwane would keep an eye on the situation and assure that no other squatters would come into that area. For now, the metro police are patrolling the area to ensure that peace prevails.

The young lady was taken to Hercules police station and the NCP communicated with Col. De Villiers about the ridiculous charges and was told that the instruction to arrest the lady came from someone higher than himself. NCP believes this arrest could be politically motivated.

While the lawyers of NCP were asked to look into this case, several other organizations rallied behind the improper arrest. The case against the young lady has been withdrawn and it is with gratitude that NCP thank Mandla Nkomo –DA, Anton Alberts – FF +, Marius Muller – AfriForum, Richard Grobler Federation, Ben Pienaar Astroboy, and SAPS Hercules.

Although there is the drastic political difference between the various parties, it is indeed encouraging to know that in a time of crisis there is unity.

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SOURCEBarend Daubern Youth Leader - NCP