Rocks thrown and shots fired at paramedics – West Rand

Rocks thrown and shots fired at paramedics – West Rand
EMS South Africa. Photo Arrive Alive.

On the 1st of April 2018 at 05h28 ambulance number A177 responded to an assault incident at Wedela in the West Rand. On arrival to the dispatched location they did not find the patient. While en-route to Wedela Police Station they were stopped by a Silver Grey AUDI A3 with Lesotho registration number which had a patient inside. They assessed and loaded the patient on the stretcher and called for back-up as the patient`s level of consciousness was decreased.

The Advanced Life Support Paramedic responded to the scene on PRV 19. On arrival at 06h50 the paramedic did an assessment during which the patient regained consciousness who then pushed the paramedic away. The paramedic then attempted to calm the patient down.

The patient started shouting, insulting and swearing at the paramedic. The patient absconded through the back door of the ambulance. The patient returned to the area with 2 people (male and female) and approached the paramedic. The crews tried to intervene. The patient threw a plastic bottle and assaulted the paramedic. The patient picked up a stone and threw at the paramedic but missed. The patient picked up a bigger stone and threw at the paramedic but missed again and eventually hit the PRV 19 and dented the right side of the vehicle.

One of the private vehicle occupants went to pick up a gun from the car and shots was fired at the personnel (crews and the paramedic). The personnel then entered their vehicles and fled the scene. A big rock thrown by the patient hit an ambulance breaking the right side driver`s door window.

There are two cases that have been reported from this occurrence at the Carletonville Police station.

Gauteng EMS wishes to condemn this horrific behavior against life saving personnel in the strongest terms and appeal to the highest authorities in the South African police services to give this case their full attention and bring swift action to the case.

If any community members has witnessed the incident or has more information onn the incident we plead with them to contact Carletonville SAPS or Gauteng EMS immediately.

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