R59 Meyerton protest – Update

R59 Meyerton protest  – Update
R59 Midvaal protest not over possible land invasion

The Protest is on again, angry residents and police clash.

The R59 is open, for now, and people are going to work. There is a strong police presence in the area to try and contain criminal elements. People are urged to use alternative routes.

The R59 has been closed twice this week due to ongoing protests. Yesterday, the protest turned violent and remained a high-risk zone.

Last night unconfirmed reports of the military assisting the police surfaced and that several police officers were shot by protestors. The report stated that the police were using tear gas and firing rubber bullets.

However, Corne Heymans, the Midvaal Fire Chief, confirmed that there was no military on site and that no police officers were seriously injured.

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