Prison staff unhelpful towards prisoner – ‘He can go hang himself’

Request for help by Jenni Connor.


Jenni Connor mother of a prisoner being victimized for no reason and who receives no help from prison staff writes:

“Hi, can anybody please help?

My son is incarcerated at Medium A at Leeuwkop Prison. He asked on 9 February to be transferred back to Medium C where he first was.

Since then, nothing has happened. The head of Medium A has refused him access to the area commissioner, has refused to allow him to work, has refused to transfer him to Medium C, saying that he will listen to nobody except a court, and if my son does not like it he “can go hang himself”.

He also made a note in the book that my son is mentally disturbed. I have tried contacting the head of the section with no success. I spoke to the area commissioner, who was extremely unhelpful.

I have posted on Facebook, have lodged a complaint with the presidential hotline, all to no avail. My son is under a psychiatrist’s care, and she was told by the head of the section to “keep her nose out of it, he will handle this his own way”.

My son was also diagnosed with a brain tumor, fortunately not malignant, but he is on various medications. He has now decided that the only way to get listened to is to go on a hunger strike which he embarked on on 2 May. It has now been 5 days.

He is also not receiving his medication or any medical checkups whatsoever.

Please tell me what I can do to get him moved out of Medium A where he is being victimized for no apparent reason. I am at my wits end!

Thank you.

Jenni Connor”
011 791 6133 or 061 461 4959
[email protected]

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