Pretoria mayor wants whites only settlement to open its gates to other races VIDEO

Pretoria mayor wants whites only settlement to open its gates to other races VIDEO
Pretoria mayor wants whites only settlement to open its gates to other races VIDEO - Image - Creative Commons License

A whites-only settlement near the South African capital is the center of a row, as Pretoria’s mayor seeks to open its gates to people of any race or culture. If talks don’t succeed, the mayor plans to take the issue to the country’s constitutional court.

There are whites only squatter camps all around South Africa, housing the destitute and poor people who have lost everything from the harsh Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) laws and affirmative action that have excluded them from the job market. Life is hard, and these people who have not only lost their source of income have lost their dignity are now being forced into a degrading situation.

These whites only squatter camps are not cozy, and life is not easy, yet there is the unity of comradeship, and although there is suffering, there is the hope of survival. While there are thousands of black squatter camps, around the country, the lifestyle is different; the diversity is high and cultural tribalism is harsh. Most of these black squatter camps are home to foreigners, who are also linked to crime, drugs, and gangsters.

Now there is a debate that will force the white-only squatter camps to their gates open to the foreigners and diverse cultures. A move that will once again threaten the poor devastated few white people who are already experiencing humiliation.

What would happen if the mayor takes this matter to the constitutional court and these settlements are forced to open their gates to other races? Crime will increase, fear will explode as the possibility of rape and murder will spiral, drugs will be brought into these settlements, and the white race will once again be the victim.

When will the African National Congress (ANC) government realize that the over populated squatter camps are of their making? The ANC opened the borders and allowed foreigners to live in South Africa without considering that the infrastructure could not contain the explosion of immigrants. Twenty years ago, there were almost no squatter camps; now South Africa has more squatter camps than ever before. It is a mess, and it is unconstitutional unfair to force the whites-only settlements to accommodate other races when the government has failed. Once again, the government is placing their burden on the minority group.

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