Pretoria man seriously injured at a road side fire

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Pretoria man seriously injured at a road side fire
Netcare 911

At approximately 06H25 on 15 June 2017, Netcare 911 responded to reports of a small explosion in Brooks Street, Menlo Park.

Netcare 911 paramedics were first to arrive at the scene. Reports from the scene indicate that a few people were warming themselves around a fire not far from the side of the road when a homeless man allegedly joined them and threw a bag with unknown contents into the fire. A little while later there was an “explosion” and the man who was closest to the fire suffered the brunt of it and sustained a serious compound fracture to his arm.

The 40-year-old male was attended to by an Advanced Life Support paramedic and analgesic medication was administered to control the pain that he was experiencing. He was stabilized at the scene and transported by a Netcare 911 ambulance to the hospital for further assessment and care.

The Tshwane Provincial Ambulance Service also attended the incident.

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