Police rescue an alleged kidnapped victim and nab two suspects

Police rescue an alleged kidnapped victim and nab two suspects
Police rescue an alleged kidnapped victim and nab two suspects

The vigilance of members of SAPS Midrand led to the rescue of a woman allegedly kidnapped by two men.

On 04 December 2023, the members were patrolling when they saw a suspicious looking vehicle at a filling station in Midrand. They swiftly approached the occupants. Three occupants, two men and one woman were found inside the car.

The woman indicated to the police that she had been kidnapped by the two men according to information received, the woman met one of the guys about two weeks back in Sandton and they exchanged numbers. On 04 December 2023, the guy called her for a meet-up and she send him her house location to pick her up. On the way, the man picked up the second suspect and that is when they started threatening her with a gun and forced her to open her banking apps. An undisclosed amount of money was transferred from her accounts.

Further investigation revealed that the gun used was a pellet gun and the vehicle was a rented car fixed with false number plate.

The duo aged 25 and 32 years are arrested and expected to appear before Alexandra Magistrates’ court on 06 December 2023 on charges of armed robbery, kidnapping and fraud.

The public is urged to always be vigilant and take charge of their safety and security. With the festive season upon us, many criminals use different tactics to target unsuspecting and vulnerable victims to rob them.

The following safety tips can be used to minimise risks of being a victim of crime;

  • Never give strangers your home address.
  • Do not leave party or social event with someone you do not know or just met. Say “NO”
  • Do not leave food or drinks unattended in a public place.
  • Do not allow people that you do not know into your house.
  • Do not accept drinks or food from strangers, they could be spiked.

Safety at home:

  • Know all the emergency numbers
  • Never leave keys in a gate or lock
  • Make provision for good outside lighting. Remember; outside lights that are on during the day draw attention of thieves.
  • Let your neighbours know you are not around and ask them to check your house for you and also collect mails left at the gate.
  • Do not leave any entry doors open or partially opened, it serves as an invitation to burglars.
  • Robbers have been known to pose as police official. Always request to see the identification card which must always be carried by SAPS members. The card should state their names, rank, service number and their photo.
  • A watch dog is a good early warning system. Never ignore dog barks during the night. When investigating do, so with caution and do not go outside before you can assure that it is safe to do so.

Protect your property, reject and report stolen goods:

  • Do not buy stolen goods.
  • Say no to stolen goods.
  • Never leave your door keys hanging in the door, it is easy to make duplicates
  • Never leave your car keys in the ignition, even if it is for a few seconds.
  • Never leave valuables on the car seat. Rather keep them on the boot.
  • Never keep your wallet in the back pocket of your trousers or leave your handbag unattended.
  • Always put your cellphone away when walking on the streets.
  • When driving, be constantly on the lookout for suspicious-looking characters and vehicles and do not be hesitate to report them to the police.
  • Motorists are discouraged from giving hikes to people they do not know as they may end up as victims of hijacking or rapes even murder.
  • Those driving long distances are urged to take rest in between or have a co-driver to avoid accidents.

Safety at ATMs:

  • Avoid isolated ATMs and using ATM late at night.
  • If you feel unsafe at an ATM or you are suspicious of individuals loitering in the vicinity, trust your instinct and go away.
  • Never write your pin number down or carry it with your bank card.
  • Never accept help from strangers when using an ATM.
  • Take your time when doing the transaction. Do not be distracted, intimidated or hurried into your transaction.
  • Be sure no one is looking over your shoulder when key in your PIN.

Parents or guardians are advised to never let their children out of their sights when in shopping malls. They must always know the whereabouts of their child

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