More than ten arrested for drugs in Westbury

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More than ten arrested for drugs in Westbury

Gauteng: Police arrested more than 10 people for drug dealing and possession in Westbury and the surroundings in the past week. There arrests were effected during multidisciplinary operations that include South African Police Service Units, Gauteng Traffic Police and Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department.
Most of the suspects already appeared at Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court.

Police continue with operations that are aimed at ensuring that Westbury becomes a drug free suburb and gangsters are exposed and arrested. The law enforcement agencies that have been deployed in Westbury and the surroundings are instrumental in the arrests.

The arrests of drug dealers can also be attributed to the community who continue to provide information to the police.

Police operations will continue and community members are urged to continue working with the police in the eradication of crime in the area.

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