Man’s head beaten to pulp, wife runs through glass door to escape attackers, Pretoria

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Man’s head beaten to pulp, wife runs through glass door to escape attackers, Pretoria
Man's head beaten to pulp, wife runs through glass door to escape attackers, Pretoria

Amanda Joubert and her husband Bennie (60) live in a so called safety complex in Thatchfield, Centurion, Pretoria. There is a high fence with electrical wires around the complex and the Joubert couple has safety gates at their doors. It was not enough to keep two black male attackers out of their home on Saturday morning 13 February 2021, at around 01:00. The Jouberts were attacked with such a level of violence, it was like being set upon by a pack of wild dogs that came to kill.

One attacker pulled Amanda to Bennie’s side and off the bed. The other attacker started to beat Bennie against the head with an object without stopping. Amanda was thrown next to the bed whilst Bennie was hit so hard against the head with the object that he flew over her onto the ground.

The attacker kept on beating Bennie with the object which could have been a spade as a spade was found on the scene afterwards.

Then the other attacker pulled her out from under her husband and demanded her ring and cash. Amanda took off her ring and said her handbag is in the lounge. When a firearm was pressed in her face, it looked like her husband’s gas pistol.

She hit the firearm with her hand to one side and ran past the suspect to the front of the house because she thought the attackers came in at the front door and that she could ran out there and get help. Amanda had to run back to the bedroom as the attacker was still chasing her. She decided to run right through the glass sliding windows of the bedroom to scream for help.

Amanda said she stormed the glass sliding doors with her arms raised. She managed to break the glass and shouted for help. Her neighbour heard her shouts. This caused the attackers to flee.

Amanda opened the garage door and her neighbours came to her assistance. Bennie was found in the bedroom. He was a mass of blood and is now in ICU in a Johannesburg hospital. Almost every bone in his head is broken and he has bleeding on his brain. His skull is cracked at places and his face is full of wounds from the beating with a blunt object. There are also deep cuts in his face. His one leg and arm are also severely injured.

Bennie will be operated on on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. His whole face has to be reconstructed. He is being kept under sedation.
Amanda was treated for cuts in her arm and feet after she broke the glass sliding door.

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