Man tortured during farm attack in South Africa

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Man tortured during farm attack in South Africa
Man (78) attacked on smallholding, Kroonstad - Image - Die Vryburger

A man who was the victim of an assault during which he was tortured with an iron believes that his faith and open confession of God saved him from death.

Also, he said the incident would discourage him to leave the farm where he lives.

The 35-year-old Mr. Anton Muller was attacked on a smallholding between Delmas and Springs by four suspects who did not bother to conceal their faces, threatened to kill him if they did not get money which they believed was in the house.

They ransacked the house and left it in a mess without getting money. The suspects, however, slammed a hot iron into Mr. Muller’s face and burned him in his lower body.

The men eventually tied him up with plastic cables and fled the scene with cash, television, audio equipment, meat, clothes and a drilling machine.

Muller says he will definitely return to the smallholding. “They will not keep me going there, they will not win!”

The smallholding is protected by a wall, electric fence, and video cameras. “You can take precaution, if a criminal wants to come in, he will come in,” said Muller. “All that will help you, in the end, is your faith.”

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