Kempton Park train crash update

Netcare 911

Kempton Park train crash update
Kempton Park train crash. Photo Netcare 911.

At approximately 18H30 Thursday evening Netcare 911 responded to reports of a serious train crash at the Van Riebeeck Park Train Station in Kempton Park.

Emergency services personnel have safely carried passengers out of the train that were unable to exit due to their injuries and placed them in the safety of medical personal.
Total numbers are yet to be confirmed as many people were removed prior to the arrival of emergency services.

It was estimated by personal at the train station that around two hundred people or more would of been on board the passenger train at the time of the collision.

Around seventy of those two hundred passengers sustained injuries ranging from minor to serious, most of the passengers that were injured fortunately only sustained minor injuries.
The numbers of injured passengers may still increase as people seek medical attention.

According to reports it is alleged that one train was stationary at the time when the second train collided into the back of the first train.

All necessary authorities including Law enforcement, rail authorities, traffic police, Fire and Rescue Services with many ambulance services including government and private services are on the scene.

The circumstances leading up to the collision is not yet understood but will for part of an investigation by Police.

Shawn Herbst
Media Liaison Officer
Netcare Limited
Netcare 911

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