Houtkop farm attack: Attackers came to kill and not to rob

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Houtkop farm attack: Attackers came to kill and not to rob
Houtkop farm attack: Attackers came to kill and not to rob

A farm attack took place on Monday 22 March 2021, on the JakkalsRand smallholding in the Houtkop area in Vereeniging, in the Gauteng province of South Africa. Corlene van Wyk (42) was savagely attacked and left for dead by two black attackers.

The woman was overpowered when she went outside the house to see if the washing was dry.

She was pushed from the porch by one attacker who started to assault her whilst the other went inside the house and started to ransack.

The attacker who was in the house then came out and shot at her at point blank range four times, she was hit in the leg and arm. The last shot was aimed at her head but miraculously the bullet only grazed her head.

She then fell down and pretended to be dead. With her one hand, which was hit by a bullet, she had over her face and the blood streamed down, bringing the attackers under the impression that their victim was dead. The attackers then fled on foot.

The woman was alone at home during the attack. Her son was at school and her husband at work. After the attackers fled she managed to make a desperate call to her husband for help and is currently in hospital where she is being treated for three bullet wounds, concussion and cuts to her upper body. She already had 2 operations and more may follow.

A further tragedy followed when the vehicle driven by Mr Ben Pretorius (70) with his granddaughter Bernice (13) as passenger was involved in an accident with a bakkie driven by a community member involved in a search operation for the suspects. Mr Pretorius and Bernice had to be airlifted to hospital and are being treated in the same hospital where the woman is being treated.

Bernice is making progress but Mr Pretorius is still in critical condition.

Renee Jain (50), a manager at Cape Union Mart, was murdered during a home invasion robbery on the De Vierde Liefde estate at Wolseley on Friday 26 March at about 2300. Jain was the daughter of Cathy Bruyns and the late Andre Rossouw, a former editor of Sarie magazine.

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