House ransacked during Bultfontein armed robbery

Drift Reaction

House ransacked during Bultfontein armed robbery

On Saturday morning Drift Reaction received a call for assistance from a property in Bultfontein.

Tactical units were dispatched and on arrival they found that there had been an armed robbery on Friday night at about 23:00 when three armed suspects entered a cottage and ransacked the cottage for more than two hours. The suspects only left after 1am.

During the armed robbery they fired about seven shots at the residents but thankfully did not injure anyone. The gang is definitely not stupid and collected the spent cartridges except for one they overlooked.

The suspects gained entry onto the property by digging a hole underneath the electric fence, one crept into the house through an opened window and started shooting. The other two simply broke the front door open.

They fled with thousands of Rands worth of property.

They are brazen and they are extremely aggressive and do not hesitate to shoot.

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