Honeydew ATM armed robbery, guard tied up

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Honeydew ATM armed robbery, guard tied up
Honeydew ATM armed robbery, guard tied up

On 24 September 2018, at about 22:48 a Drift Reaction cc security guard was busy patrolling with his trained patrol dog when he was surprised by an unknown number of armed suspects.

The patrol dog wanted to attack and went for the suspects and they pointed the guard with their firearms and said he must get his dog under control or they will shoot him. The K9 kept on going at them. The guard realised he was outnumbered and they kept on saying they will shoot him.

They walked him to a spot where they robbed him of his personal valuables, panic button as well as the keys of the gates. He had to tie the dog up as well. They then made him lie down in a secluded area while one suspect stayed with him during the whole incident. He was tied up with cable ties.

The others went to the ATM machine, they came prepared as they used cutting torches to gain access into the room in which the ATM is housed. They tried to cut the safe open however could only get as far as the hinges.

ATM reaction units then received a tamper alarm from the ATM and reacted. They knew we had a guard on the site and called him to open the gates.

When he did not respond, they jumped over the gates and started looking for him. They found him tied up and lying on the ground. They untied him and we were notified of the situation.

The suspects left some tools behind. FNB and the SAPS are investigating. Thankfully our guard and K9 was not harmed during the incident although they made sure he could not untie himself.

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