Help us help the forgotten children in camps

Help us help the forgotten children in camps - Image - Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal

The extreme cold conditions are hitting the South African poor people, and help is required.

White refugee camps are popping up all over the place, and families are begging for food and resources to survive. It is a bleak situation when 100’s of white people suffered the loss their jobs daily and forced to survive under extreme conditions. It is heartbreaking when children starve and this winter it is a battle for these unfortunate people who are trying to stay alive.

It is no secret that the government does not support these white refugee camps, and neither does the government support charity organizations who contribute to whites. The ANC has a system that is disintegrating, a system that is corrupt and a system of selfishness. What is more disheartening is that churches cannot help these people as many are burdened with supporting their own community.

These white refugee camps do not get “old or expired” unsold food from main supermarkets, it all goes to black charities. The poor white people are cast off and forgotten. Their only hope of survival is through groups and charities acting through compassion to help. Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal has endeavored to assist and support the oppressed white minority living in appalling conditions, and they cannot continue without the aid of the public.

Once again, Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal is reaching out to the public to assist and donate towards the survival of white people. The white refugee camps are in urgent need of help simply because nobody else has compassion.

Before you throw away your unwanted goods or discard items no longer required to remember some people can benefit from your kindness. Food, blankets, clothing, shoes, tents, toiletries and any other unwanted items can be donated to this worthy cause. Your generosity will help save the life of desperate people, the forgotten children. All it takes is a phone call, and Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal will collect. Here are the contact details –

Contact us today we can collect! 0736317914 Leon 0736317914 or email [email protected]

Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal is reaching out to Krugersdorp West and Rustenburg to help these destitute folk. The white refugee camps at Krugersdorp West 260 people / 95 families / 87 kids and Rustenburg 120 people / 40 families / 30 kids. Join them on July 29, 2017, 9:00 am – July 29, 2017, 2:00 pm.

Remember cash donations are greatly appreciated, and the banking details are as follows –
Bank Details:
Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal
Business ACC FNB
Acc No 62577687381
Branch Code 250141
Swift Code Firnzajj
Section 21 Registered

Any Cash donation that will help support white children with food and other essentials is appreciated. Please help this organization to keep the children from suffering.

Contact email – [email protected] or cell number 0736317914 for more information.

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  • Dlia

    Bliksemse regering jul sal jul dag kry so ook die skatryk blankes in SA wat net elke maand die balansstate van hul finansies nagaan!!!! Jul oë is dof jul besef nie dat jul getoets word om te kyk wat jul met gawes en talente maak wat jul uit God se hand ontvang nie!!! Dit is nie deur jul eie te doen dat jul miljoene in jul bankrekenings lê nie jul is veronderstel om mede deelsaam te wees!! Wie kan hier sê dat hul sorg dat ‘n gesin nie honger slaap nie? Mag die huidige regering en sy lede asook FW de Klerk en sy destydse ministers eendag voor God staan en stotter oor hul dade!!!!

  • Claerwen Freeman Hart

    I think that the color of your skin makes no difference to how you feel when you are cold and hungry. I pray for all those people who suffer with poverty like this to know the blessing of having warm clothing, a warm meal to fill the tummy and a warm bed REGARDLESS of the color of your skin.

  • Anthony Sutton

    im from England how can i donate