HAWKS reject accusations of involvement in NPA burglary

HAWKS reject accusations of involvement in NPA burglary
HAWKS reject accusations of involvement in NPA burglary

The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (HAWKS) has learnt with utter shock concerning reports suggesting that one of its senior members was allegedly involved in the break-in at the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) offices on 10 July 2017.

Eyewitness News reported on Tuesday 11 July 2017 that Brigadier Nyameka Xaba is suspected to have orchestrated the NPA incident after he was seen at their offices the previous week. According to their so called sources, one of the laptops that was stolen during the burglary belonged to a prosecutor who is handling Mr Vlok Symington matter.

For the record, Brigadier Xaba who is currently on leave is not the investigator into the Symington matter and has never met the prosecutor handling the case. Brigadier Xaba and his team members recently honoured an invitation from a prosecutor at the NPA offices to deliberate on an unrelated case as opposed to what Eyewitness News has reported.

The Eyewitness report is baseless and such accusations should never have been given so much credence. It is clear that the report is an attempt to damage Brigadier Xaba personal reputation based on uncorroborated facts.

The DPCI management condemns the report in its strongest terms and calls upon Eyewitness News to retract the defamatory report which is entirely based on false allegations and deliberately intended to ridicule both the DPCI and Brigadier Xaba in the country.

Meanwhile, Brigadier Xaba is seeking clarification from his lawyers in regard to the false information against him personally.

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