Gauteng government’s racial discrimination leading to total collapse of economy

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Gauteng government's racial discrimination leading to total collapse of economy
Gauteng government's racial discrimination leading to total collapse of economy

The only way in which total economic and social collapse in Gauteng can be prevented is if the ANC government in the province starts to act responsibly without any racial favoritism so as to establish cooperation between all groups.

In a member’s statement during one of the virtual sessions of the Gauteng Legislature, the FF Plus pointed out that continued racial discrimination is sowing division in the province and placing residents on a trajectory toward unprecedented levels of poverty. The politicians who are supposed to take the lead and implement systems to protect tax payers have failed the community.

The ANC government has instead opted to bully and ruin certain business enterprises in Gauteng by allocating financial aid based on race.

The food parcels that were meant to feed the poverty stricken during the Covid-19 pandemic ended up in the hands of cadres. It is these very same cadres who have shattered the hopes and dreams of the people of Gauteng and it seems that nothing can stop the corruption.

The Covid-19 dam wall is busy crumbling and, thus, a way to cooperate and build a better future for all Gauteng’s people must urgently be found.

The FF Plus will not be deterred and will keep pointing out the ruling party’s mistakes in striving for a government without corruption.

Read the original article in Afrikaans by Kobus Hoffman on FF Plus

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