Farm murder: Farmer shot dead for 2 phones and a laptop, Muldersdrift

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Farm murder: Farmer shot dead for 2 phones and a laptop, Muldersdrift
Farm murder: Farmer shot dead for 2 phones and a laptop, Muldersdrift

A farm murder took place on Tuesday morning 2 November 2021 at around 01:00, in Muldersdrift, in the Gauteng province of South Africa. A member of the Muldersdrift Community Police Forum (CPF) in Gauteng, Robert Stander, has been shot dead in what clearly amounts to an assassination hit by a black farm attack gang.

After hearing voices outside Stander got up to see what is happening. When Stander got into the kitchen he saw three black men pointing guns at him through the safety gate.

He opened the door for them out of fear, in other words he surrendered, believing that if he did so, the lives of his fiancée and himself would be spared.

When the attackers entered the kitchen they first shot the couple’s Pitbull dog and then fired a hail of bullets at Stander who did not try to resist. Stander was hit in his stomach and chest .

It was the second armed robbery on members of the Muldersdrift CPF’s management in little over a month. Muldersdrift is a farming community in Gauteng.

The attackers fled with an old TV, broken laptop and 2 cellphones.


Robert Stander died in what looks more like a military style execution attack by a gang of black terrorists. Although the Police will investigate this incident as an armed robbery and murder, it is doubtful that the motive was really robbery because just an old broken laptop and 2 cellphones were robbed during the attack.

We know there are various ways used in South Africa to drive white farmers from land and farm attacks are just another way .

The extreme and over the top violence and torture used in farm attacks, although only small items are mostly taken, makes one believe that the issue of farm attacks comes down to a brutal campaign of deliberate black-on-white terrorism with the aim of driving white farmers from their land .

Farm murders have become a pandemic in South Africa and in fact contains all the elements of a slow genocide.

Liberal mass media is already ignoring farm murders.

The only way we have to raise awareness about farm murders in South Africa and the world is to share incidents like this widely on social media.

These people innocently murdered on farms have names and families. They are people. We should not allow it when they are mowed down in silence.

The ANC government and their liberal media allies work together to hide the slow genocide on the white minority in South Africa. It is known that the murdered farmer in the latest incident leaves children behind.

Please share this information on social media to raise awareness of this brutal crime. The world must know – ‘White lives also matter.’

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