Emfuleni will go from bad to worse with Khawe’s divided attention

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Emfuleni will go from bad to worse with Khawe’s divided attention
Emfuleni will go from bad to worse with Khawe’s divided attention

The FF Plus is worried that the Emfuleni Local Municipality (Evaton, Sebokeng, Vaal Oewer, Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging) will suffer a severe blow as the municipality’s mayor, Mr Jacob Khawe, was elected as the new provincial Secretary of the ANC at the leadership election of the ANC in Gauteng over the weekend.

Khawe was elected as mayor of Emfuleni in November last year and he is tasked with turning the municipality around while it is under provincial administration. The FF Plus believes that Khawe will not be able to do his mayoral duties as the position of provincial secretary of any political party demands a lot of time and attention.

The FF Plus is convinced that Emfuleni residents will once again suffer as a result of ANC party politics, which are usually placed above the interests of the tax payers in the municipality, and that the struggling Emfuleni Local Municipality will not get much attention.

Khawe was specifically appointed in this position at Emfuleni because he had no other obligations so he was able to give his full attention to the Emfuleni Local Municipality and its problems.

Now, however, things are different after last weekend’s provincial election and the Gauteng Premier, Mr David Makhura, will have to do the honourable thing and appoint a new mayor for Emfuleni. If he does not do this, the administration process of the Gauteng government will come to nothing. The provincial government’s attempts to make Emfuleni viable and to save it from ruin will fail.

Jacob Khawe will have to choose between the two positions. If he does not do this, the FF Plus will have to urgently request the national Minister of Cooperative Governance to intervene in the functioning of the Emfuleni Local Municipality.

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