Drunk man fires shot after leaving pub in Muldersdrift

Drift Reaction

Drunk man fires shot after leaving pub in Muldersdrift

On Wednesday afternoon at about 15:00 Drift Reaction received a panic signal from an establishment in Muldersdrift. The Iron Fist Squad who was in the immediate area was dispatched to attend to the emergency.

On arrival they were informed that an intoxicated patron who had been drinking since about 09:00 the morning started to act out and argued with the waiters. He became aggressive and smashed a glass.

Management asked him to pay his bill and leave which he did, however on his way out, he fired a shot in the parking area.

Police were summoned and they are investigating the case.

This is a serious offense as he handled a firearm while under the influence of alcohol, discharged the firearm in a built-up area, negligently handled the firearm.

He sped off after he fired the shot thus driving under the influence of alcohol.

The man was later arrested by SAPS.

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