Corruption at licensing department VIDEO

Corruption at licensing department VIDEO
Corruption at licensing department VIDEO - Image - Creative Commons License

You need to pass your learner’s license, and you do not have time to study the rules of the road, or you know that the test with the multiple answer selection is damn hard, no fear, just pay a bribe and it will be arranged.

How many youngsters are either to lazy or don’t give a damn about the rules of the road, who will take an easy route to get a learners license? Given the fact that traffic accidents happen every day, and some of the drivers are inconsiderate and have no respect for the rules, I would guess that there are too many who opt for the route of bribery.

Corruption is rife at the Randburg Licensing Department, and it’s easy to obtain a learner’s license. Outside the building, some willing participants will arrange that you write the exam, and pass, without studying. These people will convince you that there is nothing to fear, for a fee, all the details will be taken care of. Pay the fee, write the exam and you are all set to take the driver’s license without any repercussions of not knowing the rules of the road. There will be offers of bribery to get you that driver’s license as well, for a fee of course.

The footage has been forwarded to the JMPD, who will investigate the bribery and corruption charges. Apparently, the officers who are involved will face a disciplinary hearing.

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