Corrupt traffic officials in Centurion

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Corrupt traffic officials in Centurion
Corrupt traffic officials in Centurion - Image - Die Vryburger

A resident of Verwoerdburg had to deal with the corruption of traffic officials of the Tshwane Metro Council on Sunday evening.

He was on his way to the Church-Without-Walls when he was pulled over by traffic officials, and they searched his car.

They noticed that the license has lapsed. An officer then told him that they could lock him and/or impound his car. However, if he would be willing to give them an amount of R1 200, they would release him.

He then told them that he did not have so much money on him and that he did not have his bank card with him, they then said they would accompany him to his house to get his bank card and then to the ATM to withdraw the cash.

Helpless as he was, he had no choice and agreed for them to accompany him to his home. On arrival, they waited for him in the street and told him that he had just three minutes to get the card.

After getting the card, they accompanied him to the nearest ATM to get the money, but then they were not happy with the amount and wanted a more substantial amount on which he told them that he did not have that much money in his account.

When they got the R1 200, they drove away calmly and left him at his car.

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