Assault of motorists – ‘Conduct of Mashatile’s security detail is unacceptable’

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Assault of motorists – ‘Conduct of Mashatile’s security detail is unacceptable’
Assault of motorists - 'Conduct of Mashatile's security detail is unacceptable' . Photo: Screenshot from video on Twitter

The FF Plus strongly condemns the conduct of members of the police’s VIP Protection Unit of Deputy President Paul Mashatile who were involved in the assault of motorists on the N1 in Johannesburg.

Deputy President Mashatile confirmed today in an official statement that he is aware of the incident and that the members had indeed been assigned to him.

According to the statement, he has asked the National Police Commissioner, Gen. Fannie Masemola, to investigate the matter and take appropriate action against the members.

In the FF Plus’s view, such criminal and bullying behaviour raises serious questions about the members’ training and level of professionalism. If they had been professionally trained, they would have known how to control their temper, regardless of the situation.

It is unacceptable for members of a specialist unit to act in such a deplorable manner by dragging people from their vehicles and assaulting them.

In addition, it creates a security risk for the person they are supposed to be protecting.

Decisive action must be taken against those involved. They are clearly not cut out to work for the VIP Protection Unit and they are dragging the Unit’s name through the mud.

The relevant members must be suspended at once and disciplinary action must be taken against them. IPID must also investigate the incident.

I will request the parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Police to follow up on the matter. The Minister must explain why the members acted so aggressively.

Government’s blue-light convoys already have a bad name among members of the public, and what transpired here must not be tolerated.

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