Armed robbers rescued from mob justice, Diepsloot

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Armed robbers rescued from mob justice, Diepsloot
Armed robbers rescued from mob justice, Diepsloot

On Tuesday the 20th of March 2018, at about 12:00, three male suspects nearly fell at the mercy of the community after they had failed to commit business robbery in two shops, in extension 5, Dipalo Street, Diepsloot.

The shop owner alleges that he was seated behind the counter when two men entered his shop, while one remained outside. After he had noticed that one suspect was carrying a firearm, he allegedly ran to block the door to deny the suspects access towards the counter. The suspects allegedly attempted to force open the door, but could not succeed; and they subsequently fired a shot and missed the shop owner.

The suspects allegedly proceeded to the next shop, where they fired about five shots injuring the victim on his finger. Gunshots alerted the community of a possible robbery, who then came out in full force. As the suspects started to make off, one was caught by the two shop owners. A group of community members were pleading with the shop owners to hand over the suspect to them when the police arrived to rescue him.

The police’s swift response averted what could have ended as a mob justice.

The community chased after the other two suspects. One suspect managed to out run the community and is still at large. The one who was not so lucky tried to hide himself in a tangle of reeds in the river, next to Riverside View. When the police arrived where the suspect was supposedly hiding, they had to request a police chopper to fly over and search for the suspect.

Eventually, the suspect was spotted lying in the mud around a tangle of reeds.

Two metropo police officials, who gave chase along with the community, and four Diepsloot SAPS members braved the muddy conditions and proceeded to the spot where the suspect was hiding. The suspect was found in possession of unlicensed firearm and live ammunition.

The two arrested suspects have been charged with attempted business robbery, attempted murder and a separate charge of possession of unlicensed firearm and live ammunition.

They will be appearing at the Randburg Magistrates court.

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