Another burglary at state institution

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Another burglary at state institution
Another burglary at state institution - Image - Die Vryburger

Two offices of the National Prosecuting Authority in Pretoria were broken into over the weekend. According to the spokesperson for the NPA two laptops were stolen.

This is the third government institution in Pretoria that fell victim to burglary after they broke into the licensing offices of Waltloo and Centurion last week, as well as the Hawks’ office in Silverton.

It appears that efforts are currently being made to remove incriminating documents and information to prevent culprits from being prosecuted in government departments as well as members of the ANC government.

The e-mails leaked around the Gupta brothers released a lot of foxes in the henhouse.

As in the case of the Hawks, it also appears as if the theft was organized as was at the NPA, which would be the most typical case where law enforcement officers have become the legal offenders.

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