A life lesson from Spur incident

Die Vryburger Opinion by Jan Coetzee

A life lesson from Spur incident - Image - Die Vryburger

The recent “bully debacle” at a family restaurant once again proved to be a lesson for people, and especially parents. Mixing socially does not work, especially for people living in Africa; people are intolerant of other individuals and/or race.

If this intolerance is the result of an inferiority complex so be it, but know: black does not endure white, there will be tolerance as long as something is acquired during the process, but otherwise not.

What is the lesson? Avoid occasions where your children are exposed to situations where they are forced to play together with kids who do not understand or respect your values, norms, and customs. If we do allow our children in a restaurant or a nursery school or regular school or wherever to “mix” with others, we have to accept that there will be friction, your child may be bullied and even worse, can be beaten.

The common excuse that children should learn to “mix” and “visit” is a fallacy. The writer wants to see how many people can argue against this lesson. Saturdays while socializing with black “friends,” cause many to assume that their children will eventually marry across racial lines? If you mix, the result is different. Otherwise, you are not honest with your kids and with their “playing friends.” Even Helen Zille realized that dancing and kissing does not make you acceptable.

So what are we saying to ourselves? If we genuinely care for our children, we will ensure that our people bring them up, that they will learn from our people and that we will visit, eat and play where we feel comfortable and safe.

Jan Coetzee
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