75,000 taxis and essential service vehicles in Gauteng sanitized before lockdown 3 hits

Scientology Volunteer Ministers: Sci-Bono Discovery Center sanitized to protect thousands
Scientology Volunteer Ministers: Sci-Bono Discovery Center sanitized to protect thousands

Scientology Volunteer Ministers are running wild to sanitize as many taxis as they can before lockdown 3 starts to protect hundreds of thousands who will get back using their services starting on 1st of June.  They are also sanitizing fire trucks, emergency ambulances and police cars to protect even more.  In total, they hit the 75,000 mark just now.

Since lockdown started, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers have showed initiative in assisting their fellowmen.  They have sanitized more than 5700 buildings – from government buildings to private houses, schools, shelters, clinics, and many municipality properties.  They have printed 700,000 booklets which they translated in Zulu and Sotho so people can have access to basic but important tips on hygiene – with half of them distributed so far.  In total, they gave more than 146,500 hours of volunteer work to assist the country.

“It became obvious to us that with taxis slowly restarting during lockdown 4 and even more lined up to do so during lockdown 3, public transportation would become a place where the virus could spread faster.  We started sanitizing taxis to minimize the risk and this has now become a service that is really appreciated by the taxi drivers and their passengers,” said Sandile Hlayisi, Public Affairs Director for the Volunteer Ministers.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers also sanitized thousands of police cars, emergency ambulances and fire trucks. “Those are vital too.  So we assisted with sanitization as well,’ stated Hlayisi.  He whispered that in a few instances, police officers and ambulance drivers were scared to go back to their vehicles before they were doecontaminated.

It is expected that after each sanitization, the drivers follow up and keep up high hygiene and sanitization daily.  To further assist, taxi drivers are provided with booklets printed in Zulu and Sotho that they can give to their passengers as well. Those lay out some hygiene tips that anyone can use to protect themselves during the lockdown.

Hlayisi indicated that the Volunteer Minister technology, written by L. Ron Hubbard for South Africa some 50 years ago, is what makes the Scientology Volunteer Ministers able to organize in such period and more able to help.

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