Front National to start legal action after ‘wit kaffers’ video on YouTube

Front National to start legal action after ‘wit kaffers’ video on YouTube

Over the past few days a video clip started circulating on the social media, produced by one Johan Pienaar, in which he added visual footage to a recording of Anton Goosen’s controversial song: “Wit kaffers van Afrika” (White kaffers of Africa)

The visual footage is manipulated in some places and shows Front National officials and other people attending rallies on Church Square in Pretoria and Adderley Street, Cape Town, on 8 April this year in protest of the vandalism of national heritage resources.

Amongst others Steve Hofmeyr, Sunette Bridges and Dan Roodt also appears in the clip in the same context as the convicted criminal, Johan Kotze, a.k.a the Modimolle Monster.

In terms of Equity legislation in South Africa the word “kaffer” is prohibited and is noted as such in court records. It is therefore unlawful to use this word against anybody. Front National will therefore proceed to press charges against both Pienaar and Goosen at the Equity Court.

In light of the fact that the clip was spread via YouTube to a wide audience, we will also request that the case be referred to the Higher Court for hearing. Marius Coertze, Front National legal representative, advises that any person who can identify himself or herself as being present on Church Square or in Adderley Street on 8 April have the right to register a complaint at the Equality Court.

In Pretoria the court is situated on the first floor of the Magistrate’s Court, c/o Schoeman Street and Schubart Street and in Cape Town at the Kuils River Magistrate’s Court, Jan van Riebeeck Road, Kuils River.


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Video clip produced by one Johan Pienaar:

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