Front National demands cancellation of Conrad Koch performances, withdrawal of sponsors

Front National demands cancellation of Conrad Koch performances, withdrawal of sponsors
Conrad Koch

Front National took note of the fact that the comedian, Conrad Koch, approached the sponsors of the Afrikaans is Groot music festival and demanded that they withdraw their support as a result of statements of political conviction made by Steve Hofmeyr.

Following these despicable and underhanded tactics, both Pick and Pay and Landrover indicated that they are reconsidering their sponsorship. Hofmeyr had to apply for a restraining order against Koch to prevent him from causing Hofmeyr further libellous damage.

In support of Steve Hofmeyr’s views and in defence of our Afrikaans language and culture, Front National consequently sent the following letter to the hosts and sponsors of all Conrad Koch’s performances:

06 November 2014.

Dear Sir/s

We are sure that you have taken note of the media hype surrounding Steve Hofmeyr and Conrad Koch.

To refresh your memory: Koch wrote letters to the sponsors of Hofmeyr, threatening a boycott if they did not withdraw their support to the singer. This he followed up with letters to the press in which he clearly vilified Hofmeyr to such an extent that Hofmeyr had to seek a restraining order in the Randburg Court to stop the libel. In the process Koch put Pick and Pay and Landrover, the sponsors, in a very tight corner.

At Front National we cannot condone Conrad Koch’s behaviour. He showed absolutely no respect for a fellow entertainer, which is unacceptable in a small, close-knit industry. He put sponsors that are keeping the industry alive in a tight spot with pettiness. He arrogantly used politics to smear Hofmeyr’s politics, making him guilty of double standards. He boasted his actions on the social media in a despicable manner.

As members of a political party, but also as your firm’s customers, we want to enquire whether you can associate yourself with Conrad Koch’s actions?

Front National

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