Front National approaches the British Government on farm attacks

Front National

Front National approaches the British Government on farm attacks
Robert Lynn demonstrates how attackers use a blowtorch - Image - Front National

Front National (FN) approached The Right Honorable Boris Johnson MP, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, The Honorable Tobias Ellwood MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Minister for the Middle East and Africa), Dame Judith Macgregor DCMG, LVO, British High Commissioner to South Africa.

In documentation provided FN stated the following:

British woman tortured with blowtorch and killed in South Africa

It has been widely reported in the published, social, and broadcasting media over the weekend of the gruesome torture and death of the late Mrs. Susan Howarth (64), formerly of Southsea in Hampshire. Mrs. Howarth and her husband, Robert Lynn (66) were attacked on their smallholding near Dullstroom in Northeast South Africa on Sunday 19 February at 3 am. After being tortured for hours, including severe beatings, emotional torture, hands being tied up, burned with a blowtorch and eventually shot and dropped off in a ditch on the road; Mrs. Howarth suffered two more days of agony before she passed away on Tuesday.

As if this is not gruesome enough, you will be shocked to learn that this attack is but one of THIRTY similar attacks THIS MONTH ALONE

When, however, last week the leader of a minority party in Parliament, Dr. Pieter Groenewald of the FF+, approached the Speaker of the South African Parliament with an urgent request that this matter is put on the Parliamentary agenda, he was flatly turned down. The South African government does not regard the brutal massacre of people on farms and smallholdings, which is on a rapid increase, as sufficient reason for a debate.

Front National South Africa is now approaching you to ask that you facilitate an urgent meeting in London with the Rt Hon Mr. Johnson MP at which meeting we intend to provide the British Government with details of the situation facing the agricultural community in South Africa.

With South Africa being one of the 52 member states of the British Commonwealth of Nations, we call on the British Government and the member states to investigate this concerning state of affairs and to consider suitable action in response.

Front National South Africa would gladly avail ourselves to provide the information needed once an appointment can be confirmed.

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