Wet matches saves man dowsed in petrol from death

Boere Krisis Aksie (B.K.A.)

Wet matches saves man dowsed in petrol from death - image - Boere Krisis Aksie (B.K.A.)

A suspect threw petrol on a man and tried to light a match to burn him, but the match would not ignite due to the box becoming soggy from heavy rains.

Lourie (60) and Celia van der Merwe (60), from Steyn Street, Marquard, is lucky to still be alive after an unidentified man entered their home on Saturday night.

The suspect gained entry into the house by breaking open the back door. The couple was sleeping and woken up by a suspect in their room.

The couple was stabbed several times and the suspect using heavy objects continuously hit them on their heads.

Lourie tried to ward off the suspect and was stabbed four times. Celia sustained a brain hemorrhage from the constant heavy blows to her head and was stabbed in her face, her jaw is broken, and some of her teeth were knocked out.

The couple was taken to the Rose Park Hospital in Bloemfontein and treated for several stab wounds and head injuries sustained during the attack. They are out of danger.

The suspect fled with a cellphone and cash.

The van der Merwe’s daughter said, “If it had not been for the wet matches, my parents could have died.”

According to the police, the suspect has not been arrested and the investigation continues.

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SOURCEBoere Krisis Aksie (B.K.A.)