Water shedding rife in Free State, even after good rain

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Water shedding rife in Free State, even after good rain
Water shedding rife in Free State, even after good rain

Winburg water supply has totally collapsed and the taps have run dry. Residents with boreholes have to help others with water. Nobody really knows what the problem is and the fact that drawings of the town’s water pipe system was destroyed in a fire does not help.
Corne van Zyl, the owner of a funeral business, told the media that it is costing her R10 000 a month in labour and fuel because she is transporting water to some residents from a borehole on her premises.

She says the municipality does nothing although their officials are getting paid at least R 27 000 a month. Instead of solving the problem they lock the municipality because of a lack of water. Strangely enough all our small towns had water when whites still ran and managed our own towns.

Bethlehem, Rosendal and Paul Roux in the Free State are currently experiencing water restrictions. The Dihlabeng municipality is shutting down the water supply every night between 19:00 and 06:00. This is despite good rains and with rivers in flood and dams full.
A Bethlehem resident told the media that the municipality says they need to implement water shedding to produce enough clean water at the local water treatment plant.

She says the municipality has a new excuse every week. First it was a cable fault, then they said a pump burned out and now they say residents are using too much water. And the problem is that the Jordaan River is dirty and polluted. There is a build up of sewage, branches and other rubbish in the water and this is not being cleaned. The dirty water in the river is making it much more difficult to treat the water to supply to residents.

Of course nobody will admit that the real problem is the ANC deployed black cadres running everything these days.

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