Racist Traffic Officers humiliate women in front of children

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Racist Traffic Officers humiliate women in front of children
Mr. Jan van Niekerk - Image - Die Vryburger

In what could be described as a racial incident, a black female traffic officer from Bloemfontein, hit Mrs. Sharine Barnard, in her face in front of her children.

Mrs. Barnard’s driver’s license expired three days ago, and another traffic officer wanted to take her car keys to prevent her from driving any further and impose an additional fine.

The female officer interfered with her colleague’s conversation, and Mrs. Barnard was slapped through the face while the children had to watch. Mrs. Barnard then captured the rest of conversation on video, while the officers stood one side. The video has been viewed more than 2 million times on social media.

After the incident. Jan van Niekerk, leader of the FF Plus in the Free State said that the alleged conduct of the two traffic officers and individual police members of the Glen Police Station outside Bloemfontein is unacceptable and a mark against the name of officers in the country.

“The FF Plus strongly condemned the actions of both traffic officers involved in the incident, as well as the police members at the Glen Police Station outside the city who apparently refused to accept the woman’s statement and charge of assault.”

“What makes the incident even more disturbing is the fact that the traffic officials acted discriminatorily on the grounds of the woman’s race by repeatedly stating they would show her that she is not above the law because she is white.”

“The FF Plus is in contact with the woman and will file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission on her behalf. We will also take the incident with police, roads and transport MEC, and advised her to file a complaint with the Independent Police Investigation Directorate (IPID) about the unsupportive police members,” said Mr. Van Niekerk.

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