New low for Mandela’s ANC as taps run dry in Southern Free State

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New low for Mandela's ANC as taps run dry in Southern Free State
New low for Mandela's ANC as taps run dry in Southern Free State

Mandela’s ANC cuts off water, a basic necessity, to the whole Southern Free State! Wow a real new low for you, isn’t it? Where is Cyril on this? Yep, this is the ANC, it is ONLY the ANC responsible.

This action was taken as a punitive measure because an ANC controlled structure, the Kopanong municipality which governs 9 towns in total, is in arrears with another ANC controlled structure, Bloemwater, despite a still existing lockdown – whatever stage it might be – for a pandemic where the ANC itself said we need water more than ever to fight the pandemic.

Whichever way people want to spin this, it was the ANC which cut off the water to half a province. These criminals belong in one place only, and that is HELL, or failing that the International Criminal Court.

This is the real ANC, it was the same ANC when Nelson Mandela led it, the same liars, the same thieves, the same black facist revolutionaries, they just disguised it better back then.

The taps of the Southern Free State ran dry on 13:00 on Wednesday this week, when Mandela’s ANC tuned off the taps. The ANC controlled Bloemwater is refusing to provide water to hundreds of thousands of people before Kopanong does not pay debt of R 450 million.
The towns in the Kopanong municipal area is Reddersburg, Gariepdam, Edenburg, Trompsburg, Bethulie, Springfontein, Jagersfontein, Fauresmith and Philippolis. The only available water in the area is from boreholes.

At least one business chamber, the Gariep one, has threatened to approach the Bloemfontein High Court on an urgent basis to force Bloemwater to restore water to the people of the Southern Free State. Keep in mind, access to water is a basic human right and is also guaranteed in South Africa’s Constitution.

Bernard Phitsane, chairman of Bloemwater, told the media that it is people’s right to go to court but all they want is the money they are owed. He did not deny that they are withholding water from people as a punitive measure because ANC controlled municipalities owe them money.

Phitsane also said that the Mangaung Metro owes Bloemwater R1, 2 Billion, Kopanong owes R450 million and the Mantsopa municipality ( Tweespruit, Exelsior and Ladybrand) owes between R2 million and R 3 million.

Keep in mind that normal residents in all these towns pay their bills, but they don’t control what happens to the money after it is paid over to ANC municipalities which are supposed to pay Bloemwater.

ANC officials steal the money which is supposed to pay for services and this is how huge debts is racked up by the municipalities.
This means old people in old age homes and patients in hospitals, nobody, have running water.

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