Increase in Free State farm attacks – January until June 2017

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Increase in Free State farm attacks – January until June 2017
Farmer shot and killed by five suspects in Vryburg

The VKB/FSA Safety Desk would like to share the following statistical analysis in terms of farm attacks in the Free State, from January until 26 June 2017:

In the Northern Free State 12 farm attacks took place, followed by the Eastern Free State with 12 and 6 in the Southern Free State. A total of 30 attacks were recorded in the province since 1 January 2017. In the same period in 2016, 25 attacks were recorded. An increase can thus be seen from January until 26 June 2017, although the amount of attacks in May 2017 decreased in comparison to May 2016;

In 18 of the 30 incidents the motive is suspected to be armed robbery/house robbery – other serious violent crimes include 3 cases of murder (2 incidents), 8 cases of attempted murder, 1 of attempted rape, 4 of assault with the motive of causing serious bodily harm and 1 case or arson;

A total of 16 of the 30 attacks were on farmers, 3 on upcoming farmers and 2 during which producers and workers were targeted, with workers who were the victims in the other 14 cases;

Most of the incidents took place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, with 5 incidents on each of these days – while 16 of the 30 incidents that took place from Thursdays until Sundays (53,33%);
17 of the 30 (56,6%) attacks occurred during the day (06:00 to 18:00) followed by 7 cases in the evening until midnight;

In 12 of the 30 cases 2 to 3 victims were attacked at one time, with individuals targeted in the other cases:
13 of the victims were older than 50 years of age, and 21 were under the age of 50, with 4 victim’s ages currently unknown. In 5 incidents children were attacked;

In 20 of the attacks 3 to 4 attackers were involved (66,67%), with 6 incidents were 2 attackers were involved. In 1 incident 8 to 10 attackers were involved.

Fire arms were used in 19 of the 30 attacks (63.33%), in 7 other instruments were used like knives, knobkerries, sharp objects, metal pipers. In 4 of the incidents the instruments used has not yet been identified;
Vehicles, cell phones, cash, and fire arms are the items most sought after in attacks/house robberies on farms/small holdings.

In 13 of the incidents vehicles were used to transport the attacks to and from the scene;
In 13 cases arrests were made by means of good cooperation between the Police and farming communities;
10 Attacks took place due to negligence on the side of the victims (open doors, no burglar bars, etc.);
Up until now 6 farm attacks have been prevented in the province this year. This was possible due to good cooperation and communication between the SAPS’s specialist units, the VKB/FSA Safety Desk and farmers.

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