FF Plus condemns latest farm attack in Free State

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FF Plus condemns latest farm attack in Free State
FF Plus condemns latest farm attack in Free State

The FF Plus condemns the latest farm attack in the Free State where Mr. Jansen van Rooyen was attacked on his farm on the N3, between Warden and Harrismith, in a storeroom and hit over the head with a heavy object, among other things.

Mr. van Rooyen is being treated at a hospital in Harrismith. The attackers, who had a firearm in their possession, fled on foot.

Jan van Niekerk, the FF Plus’ provincial leader in the Free State, was on the scene until late with many farmers and police. A hiding place where the attackers allegedly hid before the attack was found near the farm.

The FF Plus once again calls on farmers to secure and defend themselves, within the framework of the law.

It is clear that attackers use extreme force to mutilate, torture or kill farmers, even if it is sometimes just for something like a cell phone.

The FF Plus will continue to put sustained pressure on the government to declare farm attacks a priority crime.

The FF Plus wishes Mr. van Rooyen a speedy recovery, and will work with police to locate and arrest the attackers soon.

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