Farm murderers of the van den Berg couple were transported to their farm with an ambulance

Farm murderers of the van den Berg couple were transported to their farm with an ambulance
Farm murderers of the van den Berg couple were transported to their farm with an ambulance

The murderers of farming couple Sakkie and Ina van den Berg were transported to their farm Blouboswes at Boshoff in the Free State with an ambulance. This evidence was given before the Bloemfontein High Court on Tuesday 6 March 2021, by Colonel Babane Skota of the Police’s Organised Crime Unit in the Free State.

Skota was testifying about a warning statement given by one of the accused in the case, Thami Terence Kat, on 16 July 2019.
Kat, Johannes Sekgoro, Leepile Daniel Sidasi and Daniel Tshekiso Seloane are currently standing trial for the murder of Sakkie (67) and Ina (62).

The attack and murder on the couple happened on 12 July 2019.

Before we go further, we have to point at the sick mentality of using an ambulance to go and commit a murder. This deed which would be against even war laws points to the total lack of any values that is so prevalent amongst “our people” in South Africa.

A job is just a job to them. Even being an ambulance worker is not sacrosanct and regarded as a noble profession aimed at saving lives.
At least one ambulance driver was willing to participate in an ethnic cleansing attack like the attack and premeditated murder on the Van den Berg couple.

We just hope incidents like this will be widely shared on social media because some of us have long said that there is an ethnic cleansing campaign and slow war being conducted against the white minority in South Africa, carried out by criminals but actively encouraged by the ANC and EFF.

The couple’s bakkie was later found abandoned at the Caledon River. Fingerprints found on the bakkie led to the arrest of the suspects.
According to the statement Colonel Skota took from Kat, the attack group asked an ambulance driver they knew to drop them at the farm gate of the Van den Berg farm.

The attackers overpowered Sakkie at the farm gate when he arrived and forced him to the farm house where they also overpowered Ina.
They ransacked the house and collected valuables.

Skota testified that Kat stated in his warning statement that Seloane said they can’t leave the couple alive. He went back into the house and shot Sakkie and Ina to death.

Earlier Warrant Officer Van Rhyn, investigating officer, testified that he found the murder weapon, a revolver, in a ” trommel” in the backyard of Kat’s mother in Bloemfontein on 24 July 2019. Ballistic tests linked the firearm to the murder of the Van Den Berg couple.
On further investigation it was found that the gun was stolen from another farm belonging to a Mr Lotz of Boshof in the Free State.

Mr Lotz already passed away at the time the gun was found but his wife told WO Van Rhyn that the gun was stolen from the farm during the time Seloane worked on the farm.

This proves another point and that is that many farm workers are involved in attacks on farms, either directly involved or giving information out to attack teams.

This phenomenon is common these days because the ANC and EFF are propagating that all white people stole the land they are on and all the land actually belongs to the black majority – although this can’t be proven historically. Farmers must be aware of the new reality and be careful of what information their workers have of them and their movements.

It is a sad reality that farmers can’t trust their own workers these days but that is where we are. This serious problem is bound to continue as long as white farmers don’t believe in the concept of “volkseie” labour from their own people.

We as the white minority has always faced a slow war against us in this country but due to liberal indoctrination – liberals classify farm attacks as mere ” ordinary crime ” – we have never realised the full truth.

It is incumbent upon us to help spread the truth on social media. Silence is complicity.

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